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Dear Palestinian people, It is now over 50 years that the

Dear Palestinian people,

It is now over 50 years that the hearts of many Iranians have been with you. It is now about 30 years that the Iranian people, along with different governments, have officially been fighting with all the oppression you have been facing and have paid heavy costs for it. Many cash donations, refusal to recognise the Israeli government and severing all ties with the Israeli regime and its affiliated companies, constant denouncing of Israel in international organizations and support for the establishment of the state of Palestine are only a small part of the direct of indirect supports of Iranian people, and even in cases where governments have done it, it was eventually the Iranian people who paid huge expenses for this. No Arab country ever ventured to commit itself to such expenses. And these were the same Arab countries that during many tensions they have had with Iran, you have almost always supported. You did not even refrain from a symbolic funeral procession for Saddam Hussein, the criminal who murdered hundreds of thousands of Iranians. You did not have to do this and it injured the feelings of each and every Iranian. We forgave you for that and still continued to support you.

Dear Palestinians

,The billions of dollars that you have received in these years in cash and other forms have been paid from the pockets of an oppressed nation, 30% of whom live below poverty line. More importantly, because of the widespread support they have had for you and fighting the Israeili regime and Zionist organizations, hundreds of billions of dollars are only part of the damages that the developing Iran has received as a result of sanctions and embargos. Iranian children grow up under circumstances that, through their school books and media, they are constantly exposed to the oppression inflicted upon you and it is not conceivable that your children may have been as much exposed to it.

I do not want to patronise you. It would not be fair and generous. In Iran, ‘chivalry’ is still much respected. Whatever you are and however you behave, you are human beings like us and no human being can witness the pain, suffering and killing of a fellow human being with a clear conscience. Arab or Persian, Muslim or non-Muslim is nothing next to being a human being. We are all from one soul. That is why when we see pictures of a Palestinian child hit by a bullet next to his father dying in such a brutal way, millions of human beings feel for the poor father and shed tears, even though their sympathy is only to this extent and the rest of the world does not pay the extra prices that Iranian people pay.

Dear Palestinians,It would be unbelievable for you not to be aware of what is happening to Iranian people now. Only according to figures released by the police and government authorities, dozens of Iranian citizens are killed, hundreds are wounded or beaten. News of these events have certainly been broadcast by Arabic speaking Iranian funded media, which have been established with huge expenses to support you. The tolls are now bigger that all the number of casualties that come up in your case during years. Of course, it is not numbers which matter; what matters is the mothers who set the dinner table at night waiting for their children and get word that they should go to the morgue to receive the corpses of their children. Indeed, what is the difference between the Palestinian father who gets a bullet next to his son and dies and the Iranian father whose daughter receives a bullet in the heart right next to him?

Dear Palestinian people!The least of your duties at these times is to sympathise with the oppressed Iranian people. Believe me! It is much more painful when you get beaten up or killed by a fellow of your own homeland and even a colleague with whom you have had breakfast than being killed or injured by an alien and occupant soldier. Yes, sympathising with us is the least expectation of a people who has been sympathising with your people for half a century and has been supporting you in many ways for thirty years. This is of course in your own interest too. Forget about pessimism, have you thought for a second that if Iranians were to be a little bit realistic about your actions and positions, from the Saddam issue to the name of the Persian Gulf, what would happen>So, before it is too late, do something. I know you are also in deprivation, but couldn’t you even make a statement sympathising with us? Those who are oppressed are have more tender hearts. You know this better...

Mahmoud Farjami - http://www.debsh.com/

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